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Safety is our #1 Priority

We Are Now Offering Non-Contact Visits

Sitters will wear their Gloves and Mask at all times for these visits. Please let the office know if you would like to make your visit a Non-Contact visit or when scheduling request “non-contact” in the notes of the appointment.

Lakeside & COVID-19

Businesses and schools are increasingly taking the necessary precautions to protect the public from COVID-19. There have been some school closings and many businesses have asked their staff to work from home so we want to let everyone know we are taking all the necessary precautions to keep our team, your pet and you safe!

We do ask that if you or someone in your home is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, please let us know so we can work with you to avoid contact.

Here are the precautions we have implemented for our staff:

  • If you become unwell following any travel, seek medical attention as soon as possible, especially if you have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, and notify the office.
  • Cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing. If you do not have a tissue, cough, or sneeze into your sleeve or elbow. Avoid sharing food, drinks, utensils, cups, vapes/JUULs, etc.
  • Avoid touching your nose and mouth when possible.
  • Wash your hands often, with soap, for at least 20 seconds each time you wash and following each visit.
  • Stay home if you are sick to avoid the spreading of germs. If you are not feeling better after 24 hours, seek medical attention.
    Offering to wear a mask at consult.
  • Sanitize touched surfaces before leaving.

Exposure to Coronavirus

According to the CDC, if you may have potentially been exposed to the coronavirus, please follow these guidelines:

People who are not displaying symptoms but who may have been in an indoor environment, with someone who had a diagnosed case of coronavirus, are advised to self-observe until 14 days after their last potential exposure. They should check their temperature before going to work.

People, who are not displaying symptoms, but had prolonged contact with a person with a confirmed coronavirus infection, should limit public activities. Additionally, it’s recommended that they self-quarantine for 14 days.

We want everyone to be safe so please let us know if there is anything we can do to accommodate your service needs during this time.

Thank you so much. Please stay safe and stay educated.

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