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Dog Training

PAWSitive Etiquette 101

After an initial consult to determine what your pup needs to work on, our highly experienced trainer will customize a training plan for your new companion. Sessions will either be ½ hour or 1 hour depending what training services are needed.

Once we have successful engagement and cue work (learning basic commands and behaviors) with our student- pet parents will meet with our highly experience trainer to go over cues.

When our furry student has reached a certain level of practiced behavior, the doggie graduate will have the opportunity to take field trip to the dog park and practice cue work in the real world in a distracted/different environment.  This will prepare your pup to go on adventures anywhere with you in the future and behave like a rockstar too!

After each training session we will provide a detailed summary of the cues that have been successful and the ones that need to be worked on along with engagement ratings for each cue.

How do we work on these cues and issues?

Walking is the best way to incorporate all the cues while working on heeling.  Your pup will not only be getting exercise during the training session, they will also be getting direction.

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